Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nostalgic Playground Series: 5 (Ang Mo Kio)

I went to Ang Mo Kio (MRT NS16) and happened to know that at Block 570, Avenue 3, I can still find the oldest generation of the Dragon Playground.

I alighted at Ang Mo Kio MRT and walked about 15 minutes before I could reached Block 570. The Dragon playground still exist but they had changed the sands to the rubber floor tile.

This Dragon playground is the longer version compared to the MacPherson Estate which is the smaller version. The paint had faded off and some part of the playground are rusty. Seem like they did not maintain the playground for quite sometime.

I guess people intend to forget that we used to play this nostalgic playground which brings us back the good memories.

If anyone of you know any of the old playground with sands or changed to rubber floor tile in any part of Singapore, please inform me and I'm gladly to feature it!

Thank you. =)


  1. Just moved to the block behind 570... Used to stay at AMK til 1999, and moved to Woodlands and just moved back. Really nostalgic!

  2. yes, Indeed. Very nostalgic. But unfortunately all the nostalgic playground are soon to be forgotten in the new era technology. Where kids are into smart gadgets or computer games.

    Most of the playground had already torn down to make way for new development or build a new playground.

    Thank you for visiting my blog =)