Sunday, November 11, 2012

Nostalgic Playground Series: 1 (MacPherson)

I always wanted to take nostalgic photographs of Old and abandoned playground in Singapore. After watching Tuesday Report on Mediacorp Channel 8, it inspired me to capture the photographs before it demolish!

Many of you still remembered building a sand castle in the playground or happily climbing up the dragon staircase? Do you still remembered that you used to run up and down and makes your parent's or grandparents' shouted at you and ask you to be careful?

Right now, technology take over the world and it makes us negligence those places that surround us. Let me bring you to those playgrounds that will bring you nostalgic memories!

First Stop: MacPherson Estate. CC10/DT26 MRT and exit A/B from Circle Line. After that walk about 10 minutes to reach Block 92 Pipit Road.

At Block 92, Pipit Road, you can find watermelon playground that still covered with sands. Built in the early 90's and the last playground that using Brick, wood, rubber, Metal chain and most importantly, sands!

When I went there, the swing have been removed! I am quite disappointed. But at least, I can still see the slide (See-Saw).

Next stop, I will be feature Dragon playground. You can read it on Part 2.

*Latest update: The watermelon playground had been demolished since August 2012 and replaced to the new playground*

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