Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nostalgic Playground Series: 4 (Bishan)

Tick Tock, I am Little Cuckoo Clock... I am sure many of you had heard this rhythmic when you are young back then.

Do you know that in Bishan NS17/CC15, you actually can find the old Clock playground which is still exist! The old clock playground is located at Block 514C Bishan Street 13 which is beside the Bus terminus and near to the entrance of the Circle line.

In the past, this clock playground seem to be popular and crowded as children are playing and running around. Beside the playground, there's used to have McDonald restaurant. But now, it look totally abandoned, rusty and the McDonald restaurant had closed down and the premise turn into coffee shop.

It will be pity if the clock playground demolish in the future! We should preserve our playground historical as it bring us back many memories especially for me!

I could remembered, I used to stay at my aunt place when I was young. I asked my aunt to take photo for me at the clock playground and I wore her sun glasses! It look kinda silly but it was fun back then! I think I should find the old photograph and posted it here as a proof! Ha Ha..

The new generation of playground which is beside the clock playground.

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