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[EXCLUSIVE] Interview with Stanley Nam, Manhunt Singapore 2016 Senior Finalist

Stanley Nam, 36, standing at 1.72m will be taking part in Manhunt Singapore 2016 under senior category. I am very honoured to get Stanley to be featured in my blog.

Hi Stanley, thank you for accepting my Blog interview!

Tell us more about yourself.

Thank you KentXavier for having me on this interview! 

I am a Marketing and Communications Director at Nielsen, a global Market Research agency. 

My interests are in travelling and learning about numerous cultures and how locals live in different countries as I believe there is so much to learn from each experience. 

I volunteer at numerous charities in Singapore whenever I can as a form of giving back to the society and helping the underprivileged. 

Also, I would like to think I’m a pretty good singer!

What made you join Manhunt Singapore 2016?

Manhunt Singapore serves as a good platform for me to learn on how to be a better person. The journey has been very fruitful and enriching and it has been great working with the other 29 finalists. 

In addition, I believe this is a great channel to communicate a positive message about fitness, healthy living and social responsibility to the larger audience and young people. 

What is your preparation for this upcoming Manhunt Singapore 2016?

I am definitely paying more attention to my diet and eating clean than before! I try to work out 4-5 times a week despite my hectic schedule. 

Even jogging on the treadmill for 15-20 minutes on busy days is good enough because consistency is key. Laughter is the best medicine, so when things get a little tough, I will laugh it out over a good comedy at the movies.

Who are your strongest competitors among your senior category? Why? 

Every finalist is strong in his own right but if I have to choose, I would think BenMartin and Deepak. Both gentlemen have great physiques and look good. BenMartin is humble and hardworking, while Deepak has great discipline which is awesome. 

On a special note, I would like to mention Ben Gay who inspires me tremendously with the transformation he has gone through over the last months. He has improved so much on his body through sheer hard work and manages to balance his work and family time well.

What are the sacrifices you have made for Manhunt Singapore 2016? 

Certainly fried foods and my favorite sweet stuffs such as ice cream and desserts! Also, I definitely hope to spend more time with my mom as much as I would wish to but my schedule is more packed nowadays. Thus, I cherish every moment I have with her whenever I have the opportunity.

Who is the most influential person in your life?

Definitely my mom. I grew up in a single-parented family and she has to work very hard and long hours to raise two active boys. There were difficult times and challenging days but never once has she despaired or gave up on us. 

She has always remained positive and in spite of our situation, she made a point to help people around her regardless of how little she can give. Over the past decade, she is living with rheumatoid arthritis and last year, she had a stroke. 

Despite that, she has never stopped helping people and encouraging me to do the same. Her determination and kind spirit inspired me greatly and contributed largely to what and where I am today. 

Because of her, I believe that everyone can make a difference and help those in need, in your own ways. Each of us is a small piece of a bigger jigsaw puzzle and we have a responsibility to make this world a better place for all and our next generations.

Who is that one influential person you want to meet and what do you want to learn from him or her?

There are so many people that I want to meet and learn from! If I can only select one, it would undoubtedly be Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. He is Singapore’s forefather and a great leader who brought us to where we are today. 

This country’s successes including our strong economy and becoming a first- world nation in less than 50 years is indisputably astonishing! 

My first question would be “how did you do all that?” I would also request to learn about his thoughts on managing teething issues such as population growth and lack of sanitary water during our earlier days and also, his fitness regime and diet. 

I’m sure he must have been very disciplined and was in great shape both physically and mentally to be able to accomplish so much!

What skill do you have that can help the society?

My ability to inspire and influence. Growing up from a humble childhood has taught me to cherish and appreciate life. I started working part-time at a very young age to pay for my own expenses as I didn’t want to burden my mom who didn’t earn much. 

There were many ups and downs and valuable lessons which made me mature faster than my peers. Each chapter has taught me to become a stronger person. 

I have also volunteered as a life coach to children. And in my current occupation, I work with many young people daily and I treasure every opportunity I get to spread a positive message to them.

What will be your contribution to mitigate global warming?

I believe the answer lies in promoting awareness about this global issue. 

It is important to inform about the global warming situation adequately as I believe many could be ignorant about the current status. 

Manhunt Singapore is a valuable platform to communicate a positive message such as this and I would utilize my social media platforms to share information such as the organizations people can join and updates on the activities which I’ll surely be involved in.

What do you like most about yourself?

My determination and drive to strive to be the best I can possibly be in everything I do. It is important to put your 101% once you have committed yourself to it and you will do well.

What is your favorite body part? 

Many people tell me that I have a great smile. I tend to carry a smile on my face most of the time and friends would ask me why. I guess I’m generally a happy person and I am grateful and appreciative of the little things in life.

What kind of sport do you like as well? 

I’m definitely into running long distance, especially at night and with my favorite DJ mixset from SoundCloud. It never fails to help me unwind the day’s stress and also clears my mind from the clutter. In addition, I love the cool wind on my skin during the run!

Do you think you can inspire people? Why? 

I would hope I’m certainly that! I have accumulated quite a good amount of life experiences and my daily work requires me to work with people closely. Most importantly, I believe you have to be genuine and sincere so that people would want to listen to you.

What does being a winner mean to you? 

Being a winner takes a lot of humility and openness to learn as the path to success is never easy. The journey doesn’t stop there and you need to constantly sharpen the axe and to challenge yourself to be better than yesterday. 

As what my mom always say - believe in yourself, be kind to others, have ethics and always do the right things. That’s what a real winner should be.

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