Saturday, July 16, 2016

[EXCLUSIVE] Interview with Shaowei Aw, Youth Bodybuilder

Shaowei Aw, 23, standing at 183cm, 83kg. He is into bodybuilding and his dream is to become Personal Trainer to help those who want to get fit and healthy body. Shaowei won 1st runner-up from Junior Class F FM League Physique War 2016, Singapore competition. I am privileged to get Shaowei to be featured in my Blog.

Hi Shaowei, tell us more about yourself?

My name is Shao Wei, currently studying in Republic Polytechnic,  School of Applied Science. I love what I like to do, which is working out (Hitting to the gym). Had been into sports (basketball when I was 10 years old) and bodybuilding since 18 years old. Since last year, I became more serious and passionate towards bodybuilding.

How important is nutrition to you? Will you strongly suggest your followers follow a better diet to improve their fitness goals?

I would say nutrition is very important for me, since I am now a physique competitor and gym junkie. But I will always keep a flexible diet when I am not at my competition period. To be frank, I love to eat and I cannot deny all kinds of food that will enter my mouth.

But, if you are working towards a fitness goals, keep your diet flexible, hit the amount of calories, macros you need per day with quality food. You can afford to eat cheat meal once every week only. From my personal experience, diet will reflect on your body, a lot more than you know. Especially when you are in cutting phase for competition.

For example, the complexity of your skin, the density (appearance) of your body etc. Diet plays a role and a major one.

How do you keep your fitness knowledge up to date?

Well, I could not say I am up to date. Google and YouTube will be your best friend when you want information. forum's has a lot of knowledge from people all around the world. Both Platform has their unique ways in what informations you want.

Google- Fact from which exercise work for which body part.
YouTube- Workout plan/ Vlog of diet they eat/motivation.

Why did you decided to become Personal Trainer?

I love to share what I learnt. I love to see the knowledge being pass down. Helping people who will have the same goal with me make me feel pleased.

I was once a lost sheep in bodybuilding. Lacking of knowledge, for example, which exercise target for which muscle group, how to diet and how to bring up my physique. You wont' want to see people with the same position as you back then. It will gain confidence and network. So by helping others, it helps me too.

What are your personal fitness goals?

I do not really have a goal yet. I would rather say vision. I love fitness that it become a lifestyle routine to me. Well, I hope I can influence others in a positive way through fitness. My upcoming goal will be competing in the upcoming competition held by FM League, this September 2016.

Who inspired you to bodybuilding? How long have you been gym/bodybuilding?

I had been into bodybuilding since 15 years old. I only get more serious about it when I am 18 years old.

'The Golden Era' bodybuilders, example Arnold Schwarzenegger and Frank Zane. 'Current Era' Ronnie Coleman and Flex Wheeler amazing physique strikes and inspires and motivates me.

It is amazing how much you can change your body in terms of physique and appearance.

What are your favourite machines for cardiovascular exercises?

Personally I love Stairmaster Stepmill and rowing machines elliptical.

In which/what way that you think you can inspire/motivate others who want to gym?

Social media is the big thing now. Sharing what I know on social media is an easy way to reach out to people who wants to get inspired by you.

Making motivation videos, workout videos, post on social media that helps other to get inspired. Or friendly meetup gym session to share more of myself to others.

Recently, you just took part in bodybuilding competition. What makes you to take part in such competition?

Well, I had been training for many years and people did ask me if I interested to join such competitions? Back then, I am not really interested and it is not something that I want.

Recently, I met a group of friends who has the same goals and interest as me. And they really motivates me to compete with them in the same competition. So why not give myself a chance and see where I stand with my current physique. At the same time, I can get a chance to feel the stage.

What had you gain from bodybuilding competition?

Social network grew, more opportunities out there. People sharing on what are my strength and flaws that I can improve on. Bringing people or strangers from the same fitness field and making more friends.

Is there any tips that you would like to share with your followers on their health and fitness?

Well working out is essential, same goes to a diet. A moderate/ flexible on. Working out not only gains strength and endurance, but also boost your metabolism and helps in your skin complexity. You will look fresher and more confident.

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