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Singapore Night Festival 2014

The Annual Singapore Night Festival is back again! It attracted many visitors from around the world and the local here since it first launched in year 2008.

This year Singapore Night Festival 2014, the organiser promise to bring us more Bold and Beautiful theme that you would not like to be missed!

It will be held at Bras Basah. Bugis Precinct on two Friday and Saturday, 22- 23 and 29- 30 August from 1900 hours to 0200 hours. Admission is free. Nearest MRT: CC2 Bras Basah Station, EW12/DT14 Bugis Station and NS24/NE6/CC1 Dhoby Ghaut Station.

In this year edition, you will get to enjoy Five key zones that will occupied your night with a great performances line up just for you! It will blow your night/ mind off!

The Five Key Zones are stated below:

1) Pretty Arty- National Museum of Singapore
2) Young Hearts- Singapore Management University (SMU) & School of the ARTS (SOTA)
3) Block Party- Armenian Street
4) Festival Village- Cathay Green
5) Roundabout Midnight- Singapore Art Museum (SAM) & Queen Street

On the first night of the Singapore Night Festival 2014 (22 August 2014), I visited the Pretty Arty at the National Museum of Singapore and wanted to catch the first performance here.

Zingo, Festival Drum Group was the first to be performed on stage at 1930 hours. Many audiences are so amazed and attentive watched Zingo performed on stage. Especially, when they saw three ladies and small boy performed and they are full of energetic in beating the drum!

Who would ever imagine that lady could able to play this huge and heavy drum instrument. As they required strength to carry the drum and beat the drum to get music rhythm. At the same time, they also need to coordinate well in order to perform a good show to the audiences. So never ever look down on woman!

Do you know that Zingo is our very own local based Festival Drum Group? Their group motto is Dream Big Drum Loud. I think that this motto really suited them quite well. As long you have the dream, no matter who you are, you are free to achieve your dream and goal! If you dare to dream big dream and play it out loud.

At 2000 hours, William Close (You might find him familiar. He was the contestant and finalist in season 7 of America got Talent. he won himself in third position) performed earth harp. Many audiences are excited to catch him LIVE performance in Singapore! As we can only watched William Close performance via YouTube or National TV show like America Got Talent.

It was an eye opener for everyone to see Mr Close performance in National Museum of Singapore. William Close invented the first Earth Harp in year 1999. It is also the longest stringed instrument in the world which can extend up to 1000 feet in length!

William Close uses National Museum of Singapore and landscape as part of the instrument to perform the Earth Harp. So basically, the architecture becomes the instrument.

At around 2015 hours, William Close and Zingo joint hand together and performed the last beautiful music piece to the audiences.

After that, I walked toward to Festival Village which located opposite The GRAND Cathay and School of the Arts (SOTA). This is the only place where you can find many yummy and delicious International food where you can dine, drink beers and chill out with your friends and loves one with the LIVE Band.

At Festival Village, you can find Cyanea by Cumulus (France). From far, you thought that it looked like a illuminated Jellyfish which was so beautiful. It also looked like a curtain of lit tentacles too. You can admire Cyanea from a distance or walk in and out to enjoy this night display.

At Roundabout Midnight, which is located at Singapore Art Museum (SAM), you can catch the multimedia extravaganza display at the facade of SAM. The theme for multimedia extravaganza known as Spirits of Nature.

It transformed the building into a canvas and showcased the beauty of our Mother Nature. I think they also want to convey the message to everyone that everyone have the part to save our Mother Nature. We should protect it from being harm so that our next generation can able the beauty of our Mother Nature. Everyone have the part to protect our Mother Earth.

After you watched the multimedia extravaganza, you can walk in to the SAM and visit some of the exhibitions which especially created for you and the Admission is free!

At the Ground Level, you can experienced the 3D effect of the maze. In this exhibition, you need to wear the specially-made 3D goggles and a remote to guide you along while walking to the maze.

At first, you thought that it kinda easy to walk from the start to the ending point. But after you wore the 3D goggles, you can felt the challenge to complete the maze. First, you need to get used to it to the surrounding and secondly, you need to avoid by bump into people or walls.

I had tried this and it took me quite awhile to reach the ending point. When I reached the end point, I felt relieved. After you completed this maze, you can rest in the bean bag or relax yourself first.

Still at Ground Level, you can find jelly stick displayed found at the centre of the staircase foyer. You are free to take and enjoy the delicious jelly stick and while seeing the jelly stick going down as the light lit up.

Near to the jelly stick, you can find one exhibition display. At this exhibition, you can write what are your feeling right now and what is your emotional? You can write it down and express yourself. After that you can display to the wall and showcase to everyone.

At First Level, you can visit to the matrix laser exhibition. If you bring your kids, they would definitely love it! You can pretend that you need to solve mission impossible case and you need to avoid the laser to solve the case!

You also can catch a short film which is located at First Level. This short film known as Chicken Rice. It is about Vietnamese who realised that he has Chinese blood in his family. He also cooked the Chicken Rice and mentioned the differences of the Chicken Rice in South East Asia.

You can view the video below for the highlights of the Singapore Night Festival 2014!

If you missed this week Singapore Night Festival, you can visit it on 29 and 30 August 2014! You will definitely enjoy it!! See you there!

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