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OMY and STARWATER Present: Chef Anna Phua Cooking Demo

On the 23 July 2014, I am very honoured to attend Chef Anna Phua Cooking Demo at Atrix Building at Aljunied MRT which was presented by SPH OMY and STARWATER.

For those who knew me personally would definitely know that I love to cook whenever I am free. By attending to Chef Anna Phua cooking Demo, it will be eyes opening and enrichment knowledge for me in cooking. At the same time, I could able to pickup some healthy cooking tips from Chef Anna Phua so that I can able to cook healthy dishes for my loved one in the future.

Image Credit to StarWater
Image Credit to StarWater
Image Credit to StarWater
When I stepped inside the cooking studio, I saw this elegant STAR5 machine being displayed and I am kinda attracted to it. Many of the participants also noticed this cool STAR5 Machine but none of us knew how this machine works.

While waiting for the event to start, I also do some researches on STARWATER and STAR5 Product as I am very interested and curious on STAR5 machine and the company operates.

STARWATER is a Singapore brand which design and produce Alkaline Water ionizers Machine, where they want people to drink heathy water and the right water type of water which can beneficial to our health. They are licensed as a manufacturer of medical device in South Korea to produce Alkaline Water ionizers Machine.

STARWATER produce STAR5 Alkaline Water ionizers Machine and STAR7 will be launching in the market soon! I am very amazed how STAR5 works by reading online! STAR5 have 7 types of functional water for our daily consumption. It also included LCD and voice automatic system to help us to interface and the use of the STAR5 features.

I also search online the benefits of drinking Alkaline Water and I am impressed. Alkaline Water can help to Detoxify, Hydrate, act as Antioxidants, Alkaline water also helps balance the body's pH and enhance our immune system!

You can read more information by clicking here.

I will be extremely delighted if I could own this cool and elegant STAR5 Alkaline Water Ionizers Machine for my families to stay healthy and drink healthy!

Finally, the event commerced and David from STARWATER will shared with us on the impact of drinking Alkaline water!

Do you know that by drinking alkaline water, it helps you to slim down and at the same time by using alkaline water to wash your face, it's good for beauty and cleanse away the dirt on your face.

It looked like you going to facial wash but it done it at home just using the STAR5 machine! Most of all, it can make you feel young!

All the participants extremely engrossed with David conversation as he keep sharing more information of Alkaline water with us.

Then, David decided to do an experiment on pH demo with different types of beverages and how safe or danger of the water that we loved to drink almost everyday!

Many people thought that by buying mineral water instead of soda drink are considered safe and healthy to drink as the mineral water does not content carbonate but by seeing this pH demo, all the participants are shocked by the result!

Mineral water consists of pH5.0 which consisted Acidic!! Which meant that those people who kept drinking mineral water daily can harm your body!!

After that David also showing us Soda and sport drink which most people loved to drink. Both Soda and Sport drink shared the same pH4.0 which is the second most Acidic water!! Again, participants are shocked by the result too especially the sport drink! As we never know that sport drink can be so acidic with the soda drink.

After that he also showed Singapore tap water and the alkaline water pH. Singapore tap water are considered safe to drink as it consist of Neutral pH7.0 while the alkaline water reaches pH9.0!

David also invited one of his colleague to blow the cup to test if the drink can change to Alkaline pH9.0. When we saw it turned to pH9.0, all of us WOW!! We can't believed in our own eyes! All of us laughed as David colleague told us that he had hard time to blow the cup!

We also given a small cup of alkaline water to try! The alkaline water tasted tasteless and it look like our drinking water. Many people have this concept that alkaline water tasted weird or tasted like medicine and it used recycle water and clean the water to form alkaline water.

If you think this way, you are wrong! Alkaline Water is tasteless and do not smell. It uses the machine to wash your regular tap/running water to form Alkaline water.

It widely used in America as certain part of America states water found pollution and deteriorating. Thus, they need Alkaline Ionizer Water Machine.

In Asia, Japan, Alkaline Ionized Water is widely used as Japanese are very health conscious of what they eat and drink and also due to ageing population is Japan is extremely high. Even the government level also widely accepted as they treated as a health device and act as a cancer curative.

In Korea, most of the Korean households used Alkaline Ionizer Water System and they treated as a health device to let their family to stay healthy as most of them avoid drinking water from the tap water.

Now, it is time for Chef Anna Phua Cooking demo! She will be teaching us 3 dishes and 3 drinks by using alkaline water! The 3 dishes are Energizing Chicken Soup, Korean Pear Salad and Black Sesame Seed Rice. The 3 drinks are Iced Honey Peppermint Lemon Cooler, Iced Green Tea and Ice Lemon with Chia Seed.

Firstly, Chef Anna will be teaching us how to make Korean Pear Salad. Chef Anna told us we should eat fruit first and we should eat healthy and watch what we should eat. Most importantly, we should stay happy!

To prepare Korean Pear Salad, you need

1 Korean Pear,
2 Red Dates,
1 teaspoon of Goji Berry.

To prepare Salad Dressing, you need

2 teaspoons of Yuzu Salad Dressing,
2 teaspoons of Lemon Juice
1 teaspoon of Korean Yuzu Honey.

Chef Anna soak the Korean Pear with Alkaline Ionized Water first and slice Korean Pear into strips. Slice the 2 Red Dates into strips. After that soak and drain up Goji Berries and put into plate. Then, use salad dressing and mixed it together. Now, the Korea Pear Salad ready to be served!

After the Korean Pear Salad, Chef Anna prepared Iced Green Tea with Alkaline Ionized Water. Chef Anna told us that we should drink more Japanese Green Tea as it is healthy, it can improve brain function, fat loss and prevent any diseases. The Japanese Green Tea can get from Meidi-Ya Singapore supermarket at Liang Court.

After that, Chef Anna taught us how to cook Energizing Chicken Soup. To cook this yummy soup, you need the following ingredients:

Herbal Mix 1 Packet,
American Ginseng 10g,
Red Dates 12 pieces,
Mushroom 8 pieces,
Sliced Ginger 6 pieces,
Chicken 600g
Alkaline Ionized Water 2500ml.

Seasoning ingredients:

A pinch of Mushroom Powder,
1 teaspoon of Sea Salt,
Rice Wine,
Sesame Oil.

First, Chef Anna taught us to soak the mushroom with Alkaline Ionized Water till it soften. Then, wash the mushroom and drain the water to make it dry. After that, cut the chicken into pieces. Wash the American ginseng, red dates and then use herbal mix and blend it together with the ingredients.

Put the ingredients into cooking pot and boil. Then, put the mushroom powder, 1 teaspoon of sea salt, rice wine and sesame oil into the soup pot and cover it with Alkaline Ionized Water. Heat and simmer, uncovered. Stir together with ingredients and it ready to serve.

We as the participants get the chance to have up close with the chef in boiling this delicious and tasty soup as we can get to try Energizing Chicken Soup. We are amazed that Alkaline Ionized Water can able to boil such a tasty soup!!

Third dishes will be Black Sesame Seed Rice. You need the following ingredient to cook

Organic Rice,
Alkaline Ionized Water,
Toasted Salted Black Sesame Seeds.

First, wash and soak organic rice with Alkaline water for 4 hours and then drain the water to make it dry by putting it into a big bowl.

After that, separate the organic rice into two small bowl (Korean steam rice bowl). Add 150ml of Alkaline Ionized Water into each bowl. Steam for 30 minutes. Finally, put salted black sesame seeds into the rice and ready to serve!

Now, Chef Anna going to prepare Iced Honey Peppermint Lemon Cooler. To prepare this drink, you need the following ingredients:

1 Lemon,
3 Stalks of Peppermint Leaves,
3 teaspoons of Raw Honey,
600ml of Alkaline Ionized Water

First, wash the lemon with tap water and then soak in Alkaline Ionized Water for 10 minutes. Repeat this step 3 times to thoroughly clean out pesticides. After that, slice the lemon into pieces.

Put the sliced lemons and desired amount of peppermint leaves in a glass jar. Add some 3 teaspoons of raw honey. Finally pour the Alkaline Ionized Water until it is filled up and ready to serve.

The finally drink will be Iced lemon with Chia Seeds. Do you know that Chia Seeds is actually good for us? Why Chia Seeds?

Chia Seeds can helps your diet by making you feel full as they absorb 10 times of their weight in water forming a bulking gel. For athletes, you will loved this! As Chia Seeds can form a bulking gel and they can hydrate your body!

It also helps in weight loss as they reduce in food craving. It also reduce blood pressure. It also consists of Omega 3 and it also benefit for the diabetes as they can control the blood sugar.

To prepare Ice Lemon with Chia Seeds, you need the following ingredients:

1 Lemon,
1 Packet of Chia Seeds,
3 teaspoons of Raw Honey,
600ml of Alkaline Ionized Water

First, wash the lemon with tap water and then soak in Alkaline Ionized Water for 10 minutes. Repeat this step 3 times to thoroughly clean out pesticides. After that, slice the lemon into pieces.

Put the sliced lemons and desired amount of Chia Seeds in a glass jar. Add some 3 teaspoons of raw honey. Finally pour the Alkaline Ionized Water until it is filled up.

Stir it together and let it sit for about 10 minutes. During this time, Chia Seeds will absorb the water and become gelatinous. You can stir it occasionally if the Chia Seeds seem to be floating or falling to the bottom of a glass jar.

Fresh Chia Seeds will float throughout the liquid, while the older Chia Seeds will tend to sink to the bottom. If they sink, it is alright. You will need to stir the Chia Seeds a bit just to keep them evenly dispersed. Finally, you are ready to serve Iced Lemon with Chia Seeds!

All the participants are truly satisfied in this Cooking Demo which presented by SPH OMY and STARWATER! We also get the chance to talk to Chef Anna Phua and David from STARWATER!

My thought of attending this Cooking Demo:

After the experiment on pH demo with different types of beverages, I am convinced that drinking alkaline water is safe and it also helps everyone in my family to stay healthy.

Not only that, I can use Alkaline Ionized Water to cook many yummy food for my loved one. My family members also can use Alkaline Ionized Water for facial wash.

I will advice my friends and readers to start drinking Alkaline Ionized Water, if you wish to slim down without taking any medicine/pill and stay healthy!

If you are interested to buy or trade old one to STAR5 or STAR7 for your family or your loved one, STARWATER have special price for those who wish to trade in your old Ionizer machine to STAR5 or STAR7, you can enjoy $490 discount!

For new customer who wish to buy STAR5 or STAR7 during Health Fair held at Suntec Hall 401- 403 Booth B37, you can enjoy $200 off!

Once again, thank you OMY and STARWATER given me this opportunity to attend to this event! I really enjoyed myself!

You may wish to visit OMY website by clicking here and STARWATER website by clicking here.

If you would like to find out more on Chef Anna Phua and her cooking classes, you may visit to her website here.

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