Wednesday, December 4, 2013


You just got your Android smartphone and realised that your phone equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) enable function. But, you are uncertainly and not sure how to use this NFC function.

Basically NFC allows you to transfer information between your phone and other NFC devices. For example, you can use NFC to make a payment at local supermarket (Cold Storage Group), Taxi (Comfort Delgro) to collect Movie ticket (SHAW).

You can also use the EZLINK NFC app to make a payment anywhere which supported EZLINK NFC transaction (Popeyes Chicken). You need to get NFC SIM CARD from your various network provider in order to support NFC function!

What more, you can use your NFC enable phone and tap into NFC supported speaker to play your favourite song list, or tap the device to activate your watch or anything which you had set.

There is one app in the market which I would highly recommend you! The app is known as 'Samsung TecTiles'. But first of all, you need to get Samsung TecTiles pack first at any Samsung shop.

Do not worry if you are not using Samsung NFC phone, as this Samsung TecTiles supported any NFC smartphone models in the market.

How does Samsung TecTiles works?

Tap PLAY STORE in your smartphone, then type Samsung TecTiles (Free App).
Then, download to your Android smartphone.
After downloading the Samsung TecTiles.
Zap the app to open the app.
You will see the Samsung TecTiles main menu.

Create your own Task by tapping New Task.
I will name it as Game. Then tap OK.

Then the screen will direct you to page, where it stated No actions. Tap Add to create a new task.

It will direct you a page known as 'Select actions'.
I tapped on Application.

It will direct you a page where it shown all your apps which you download it to your smartphone.
So, I tap Tapped out.

It will shown which action you had selected.
Tap write to tag to activate your Samsung TecTiles Sticker.

Place your Samsung TecTiles sticker and hold the back of your smartphone for the tag to write.
You are done with your Samsung TecTiles.

So next time, you just need to tag the Samsung TecTiles sticker to activate the application which you had set!

Have fun with your NFC function!

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