Monday, December 9, 2013

Downtown Line Stage 1 Open house 2013

On the 7th December 2013, Singapore's newest fifth train line, Downtown Line 1 hosted the Open house to the members of the public before the official commerce on 22nd December 2013. The new Downtown Line managed by SBS Transit.

For the first time, the Downtown Line trains will carry the Land Transport Authority (LTA) logo as the trains owned by the regulator, LTA.

Downtown line 1 consists of 6 new stations. The 6 new stations are Bugis (Connecting to East-West Line), Promenade (Connecting to Circle Line), Bayfront (Connecting to Circle Line Extension), Downtown, Telok Ayer and Chinatown (Connecting to North-East Line).

I headed down to Downtown Line 1 Bugis station for the open house. Within the far distance, you could able to spot the Rail Transport Logo. Their facade wording are big and clearer signage compared to the existing train station.

There are live performance line-up especially for the members of the public to join in the fun and celebrate the new downtown line.

If you could noticed, Downtown line used the different ticketing gate which is similar like the Korea railway.

When you step into the train platform, you will see many big and clearer signage that indicated your direction especially when you are in the interchange station. It also shown the next station that you are heading to in case you went to the wrong platform.

It also indicated 4 official languages, English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil language for the emergency signage.

When you stepped into the downtown line train, you will the seat are more wider. If you intend to sleep at the RESERVED seating, you have to think twice as the seat are more colourful and the font are huge enough to embarrass yourself if you did not give up your seat!

The train also equips  with the station indicator. This station indicator are slightly better compared to the existing East-West and North-South Line as it indicated which station direction you will be heading to.

This train also equips with LCD TV screen. Most likely for advertise use purposes in the future? If you have any idea, you are welcome to share with the viewers!

The con part for this downtown line will be the LCD screen in the middle of the train. As it blocked by the handle pole. Perhaps the authority could lower down LCD screen so that it could be more visible to the commuters.

To Celebrate Downtown Line 1 opening, commuter can travel for free all-day from 22 December 2013 to 1 January 2014.

For more information on the free ride on Downtown Line 1, you can logon here.

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