Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Staycation at Wanderlust Hotel, Singapore

Wanderlust Hotel is a boutique hotel that located in the heart of Little India, Singapore. Wanderlust hotel used to house Hong Wen School before it converted to hotel. I am very fortunate to staycation at Wanderlust Hotel.

When you enter to the hotel lobby, you will be thrilled and you won't believed that it used to house as a school before and you might that this building should be shop houses instead of school!

The concept are kinda retro and yet unique in the heart of Little India. This hotel also won Architectural Heritage Award in year 2011.

The staff are friendly when you checked in to your hotel room. The staff will issued out the Itinerary booklet and the hotel access card.

The Itinerary booklet contains your hotel address location (If you decided to explore yourself around the heart of Little India or visit to the city), your hotel room WIFI passwords, Local Emergency contact number (Police) and few pages of notes for you to joint down your own itinerary aka dairy.

At Wanderlust hotel, you can choose 3 different room categories which is, Pantone, Mono and Whimsical that you would like to stay with them. The most popular category will be Whimsical as there are 5 themes to choose from. These 5 themes are, Bling’ , ‘ASCII’, ‘Space’, ‘Tree’ and ‘Typewriter’.

Especially the Space theme, which is very popular to the youngster who would like to stay in their space room. Although I could not able to stay at their Space theme, but I managed to stay at Typewriter theme room. It is duplex room that makes the room look quite big.

I loved the room layout and their decorate. Just that it will be quite tiring if you climb up and down the steep stairs!

Plus this room included rain shower and bath tub. The hotel also provided Shanghai Tang brand for you to enjoy your shower and relaxing!

You will be thrilled to use their outdoor colourful jacuzzi! It's so lovely which you won't resist by it!

Cant wait to stay at Wanderlust hotel? Visit their official website here for more information! Or you may wish to connect with them via Facebook by clicking here to get their news feed and promotion!

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