Saturday, November 23, 2013

他她他 3 Peas In A Pod Movie Review

他她他是一部已英語和中文為主的電影。這部關於3個大學生來自不同的國家在澳大利亞(澳洲)相遇。Penny是一位來自新加坡的典型的女生, Perry是一位得到獎學金的臺灣男生,Peter來自富家子的韓國男生。

Peter就提議3人可以自駕 旅行,當成是美好的回憶和認識彼此。原本Penny和Perry不想3人自駕 旅行,但是他們被Peter的話帶動了。Perry會安排所有的設施。但Peter要每人一間房間。



Movie Title: 3 Peas In A Pod
Movie Directed by Michelle Chong.
Language of the movie: English and Mandarin.
Classification Ratings: NC16 (16 years & above are suitable to watch)
Official Media Page:

This movie is about three university friends from Singapore, Korean and Taiwan who study aboard and met in Australia. Three of them are from difference background and Nationality. Penny a typical Singaporean, Perry a Taiwanese on Sponsorship and Peter who is rich man son from Korea.

Penny on crush with Peter and always there for him whenever he need but she did not express her love for Peter. Then Perry appears and three of them are bound together.

Before three of them depart and return to their individual countries after their graduation, Peter suggested to have a road trip. From the road trip, they will know each other better. Perry volunteered to plan the road trip and while Peter have one condition is to book 3 rooms! 

Soon, they started their road trip and when they reached the apartment, Peter was horrified that he need to share room with Penny and Perry. Peter wanted to book another room on the spot but unfortunate there are no more room available. Peter got no choice but to share room with them.

Soon, they begin their '3P' road trip journey. They would never expected that this road trip will changes their lives forever....

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