Monday, March 17, 2014

Closure of McDonald's Place 11 King Albert Park Building

When you tell your friends that you are heading to KAP to mug for your exam, they would know that you are heading over to McDonald's Place.

This is what the most Singaporeans recalled their memories at McDonald's Place, the iconic building at King Albert Park building.

Do you know that KAP is also home to McDonald's Singapore corporate headquarters and also one of the largest McDonald's outlets in Singapore?

This is a very sad news to most of us that McDonald's will be official close and cease operation at 11 King Albert Park Outlet on 16th March 2014 at 23:59 Hours. As King Albert Park Building will be demolish for redevelopment.

For the past 23 years, McDonald's Place served many students in different era. Those who studied at Nee Ann Poly and SIM University would loved to visit here as this is one of their favourite venue to hang out.

Those residents who stayed near to King Albert Park would loved to visit McDonald's Place as it also included Cold Storage (Supermarket) to do their daily marketing. Not only that, there are few cafe like Spinelli Coffee Company, which they can chilled and relax themselves.

During the Hello Kitty Saga, many People would also recalled how they skipped their class and work by taking Medical Certificate from the doctor, just to queue to get the Hello Kitty plushies.

Those who explored the nature along the former KTM Bukit Timah Station railway track would loved to come here. As McDonald's Place are only 3 minutes walking distance from the former KTM Bukit Timah Station railway track.

Some of you might hosted Birthday Party at McDonald's Place before. You invited all your friends and families to come here to celebrate your birthday.

Ronald McDonald would popped by and celebrated with you! All your guests can bring home Happy Meal toy too! Many of your invited guests are envy of you as you can celebrated your birthday here!

Some of you might snapped pictures with mcdonaldland characters near to Cold Storage or outside drive-thru area after your meal.

This fond a great memories to some of you. What is your memories at McDonald's Place at 11 King Albert Park? Share your story with us by commenting this article below.

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